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Here you will find tips on growing fruit and vegetables and also how to make and use manure and compost!


As a youngster I spent many a happy hour on my father’s allotment and even had a little patch to call my own. So it came as little surprise when I became inspired to have my own allotment much later on in life. My primary aim was to grow my own vegetables as I had developed my cooking to the extent that I bought all my meat and vegetables from the local market in Grimsby. It was a natural progression to cut out the middle man. What I had not foreseen was how quickly I got wrapped up in a whole new way of living.


For those of you who are interested in seeing what can be done with a parcel of land and how I got to my current stage you can see pages for my Grimsby Allotment, Priory Cottage Garden, a Priory Cottage Allotment I and Priory Cottage Allotment II.


As for now, we grow vegetables and fruit for our own consumption or to make wine. I have listed the different varieties and in time you will be able to click on each one for our own tips on how to grow and maximise the crop. We are very much a work in progress and so we will only provide details once they have been tried and tested.


We prefer to micro manage each crop and so operate a raised bed system as each crop requires different feeding. It is also easier to plan and rotate crops on a seasonal basis. We also like to keep things as organic as possible by using poultry manure, seaweed and ash as feed for our crops.


In May 2016 we acquired a new allotment plot which was conveniently situated directly outside our back garden. With a new blank canvas we started from scratch using a 'no dig' approach to growing. This has been so successful that we have adopted this philosophy in its entirety with all the fruit and vegetables we grow. We have also created a separate page for this system so you can see how we arrived at this stage.


To view the crops we grow including advice and tips based on our experiences as well as photos of our results, please click on each vegetable, fruit or category:




Potatoes           Brassicas        Tomatoes       Strawberries        Peas


Parsnips            Onions           Garlic             Runner Beans       Black/Red Currants