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I am still in the early stages of perfecting my peas but I am confident of major success in 2020 and so will post more photos and information in due course.


Fed up of fraging around for pods on the dwarf variety I remarked one day "wouldn't it be great to pick peas like runner beans". After minimal research I found that peas were always a climbing variety, but the dwarf variety was introduced to allow mechanical farming of the crop. The most popular of the climbers was Alderman and so I started growing this variety in 2017.


The peas require good support and so I invested in a wooden frame and some pidgeon netting. As you can see the growth results are good and the pods are of a good quality. My difficulties so far are in planting or sowing. Having tried a variety of methods, this year I am going to sow the seeds in deep guttering and start indoors. Once established I am going to transplant the whole of the guttering section directly into a prepared bed as shown in the above photo. The bed will then be covered with a mesh cloche until the plants are well this space!