If you would like to share and experience at Priory Cottage, we are able to offer a  hands on experience where you can help with our daily chores around the garden as well as have a relaxing time foraging or fishing on the beach. In the evening you will be able to experience a cooked meal incorporating produce obtained with your own hands as well as tasting our home made wine. We make no charge for the food or accommodation as you will be here as our friend and guest.

We don’t offer this experience on a commercial basis as our accommodation at the cottage is restricted to a single room. We also have work and family commitments which restricts our free time to school holidays. If you have a genuine desire to experience this lifestyle and would like to spend a day or two at Priory Cottage as our friend and guest please complete your application.


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I understand that Priory Cottage will not charge for any food or accomodation on the full understanding that I am a single traveller and that the information provided in my application is true *