On 14th January 2020 we had a new arrival at Priory Cottage.


Unfortunately Oscar passed away very peacefully in the summer. 


Since then the local cats, mice and rats have been taking liberties!


Fortunately, I was introduced to a 6 month old farm cat from Filey called 'Mr Fluffy'


Having had a check up at the vets yesterday our new Oscar is in our back porch, effectively in quarantine until his snip and microchipping.


Like his predecessor he is a handsome chap, I just hope he brings his farm trained skills to my allotment!

Shortly after his 'quarantine' on 29th January I let Oscar out in the garden, not thinking this tiny kitten would scale our 5 foot wall..... I was wrong!! He then leapt over next doors fence and onto the allotments, not be seen again!


That was until a phone call on 26th February to say a local pet rescue group had scanned him at a garden in the next street. He was returned that day in very good condition considering his 4 week adventure holiday. We need him to complete his vaccinations at the vets before we let him venture outside again. Hopefully by then he will realise he has a good home to come back to with a plentiful supply of food and he doesn't need to climb through kitchen windows to steal our neighbours cat food.... oh, and he has a lovely compfortable sofa to stretch out on....