Welcome to Priory Cottage!


From early childhood days on my father’s allotment to final inspiration from  River Cottage, my life’s journey finally brought me back to my home town of Bridlington in May 2010 to put into practice all that had enthused me during those 40 odd years.


My passion for cooking started after a visit to Italy in 1996, but was only ignited once I bought an old Victorian house in Grimsby and was able to design my own kitchen. Something was missing though. Once I started to downsize my business I freed up more time which eventually led me to acquiring my own allotment in 2008. My intention was to grow my own vegetables to enhance my passion for cooking, but within a few months of getting my hands dirty and watching repeats of River Cottage I discovered a true vocation and a wonderful lifestyle to aspire to.


Once I had found a cottage style detached town house, with it’s large garden and access to allotments at the rear, I knew I could start my new found lifestyle in earnest. Whilst I had laid the foundations on my own, it wasn’t long before I realised that this journey was there to be shared. So after toiling on my own for 2 years I was lucky enough to find a partner who shared my lifestyle dream and who was not afraid to break a nail or two in the process. So when Clare and her daughter joined me here in May 2012 the project really took off. 31 Carlton Street became Priory Cottage and our project became our very own Good Life.


We have learned and experienced so much during our journey so far, we felt a need make a record of our achievements as well as to share our knowledge and our day to day experiences. In doing so, we hope to entertain, amuse and hopefully inspire.


Welcome to our world...............


Derrick and Clare