Germinating Seeds


Seeds are placed on moist kitchen paper in a plastic tub with holes drilled in the lid. Ideal temperature over 15 degrees to ensure germination which starts anywhere between 3 and 7 days so 1st May a good guide. Check each day and moisten with water spray if drying out.



Once the tap root appears it is time to transfer to another container ready for planting. Plant out by mid May to ensure healthy leaf growth before flies are in season as aphids can be a problem.



In the prepared bed I scoop away the existing material and add a handful of compost. Make a n indentation about thumbs depth and place the germinated seed at the bottom and cover with compost. Mark each seed to check the main shoot appears after about 7 days. Replace any seeds that do not grow.



This technique produced fantastic leafing which had no black or greenfly this year as I planted earlier than the previous year. The bed was also covered with a meshed cloche to keep insects and birds off the crop.



Every seed germinated into a full plant and whilst some were small only a handful forked resulting in the majority turning into healthy roots