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My misspent youth saw me spend a considerable amount of time fishing on the pier or on the beach. So with a gap of over 30 years I returned to Bridlington not knowing if the fishing had got better or worse. Sadly it was the latter. My first winter saw no codling caught by myself or any other anglers around me. This used to be a staple fish during the 1970’s, but alas no more. However, there was an abundance of whiting and so I simply adapted my approach to this very underestimated fish. As we develop the site, I aim to add regular reports on my exploits!


Long Line


I also invested in a long line with 30 hooks, which I bait and anchor on the beaches at Bridlington and Fraisthorpe. The catches varied from tide to tide and are also dependent on the presence of seals, who on more than one occasion just left me with fish heads on the hook! I have now established a system of baiting my hooks a few days before and clipping them on my line frozen. With so much time spent on the garden and allotment, I don’t anticipate starting my angling and long line season until the start of November, when hopefully the larger whiting and maybe the odd stray codling may be in the bay.




I have a large crab pot/net which to date has been under used as I have mainly used it in the summer to catch shore crabs. Whilst tasty, they are on the fiddly side when getting out their meat and you need around 4/5 per person. I have now obtained a hobby licence from the local fisheries organisation and so I am now able to leave out my pot anywhere along the shoreline. I therefore hope to make the trip up to Thornwick Bay during the winter in search of the larger crab.




I have a shrimping net to catch the small brown shrimps that burrow in the sand anywhere along our coastline. This is usually a summer past time pursuit when we fancy a relaxing day around the harbour, especially if Megan has a friend to take with her. They are very fiddly to peel and so I have invested in a prawn pot in the hope of catching the real deal. I have read that the prawns come onto the rocky shores to spawn in the summer and so I hope to put this theory to the test at some point.